Go home to watch fish after get off work



Go home to watch fish after get off work

Go home to watch fish after get off work Black Cloud Fish

  ========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Guangzhou Zhongyi Car Loan Yuyou said: beautiful
Chinese shark fin Yuyou said: Jin
zsj725 Yuyou said: beautiful
Guangjin Supermarket, this fish looks comfortable
Love fish farming Yuyu said: Personally feel that the side lights are better removed.
Since childhood, the knife edge xN2f Yuyou said: the brightness of the lamp panel is enough, and it feels unnecessary for the side lights.
Lettuce fungus said: how comfortable
Rui Shigen Yuyou said: High full!!!
Newlip Aquarium Equipment Yuyou said: beautiful
Swordfish type graphic!
Sapphire swordfish pictures"
What kind of swordfish is called Phoenix$
Low temperature fish&
Fish with low water temperature requirements*
Feeding fish with low water temperature requirements)
tropical fish with low temperature requirements$


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