The adult world is not easy except to gain weight



The adult world is not easy except to gain weight

After seeing too many bad marriage realities and not wanting to be kidnapped by the feathers of a place where we lived, we decided to live a simple two-person world, but the family gave birth to me every day.

  Among the bustling crowds on the street, how many can truly be loyal to their hearts?Too many boundaries, too many concerns make you stand still, more often a sigh.

  Perhaps in the eyes of my father and mother, I did not return to my hometown. I was a loser fleeing a big city, but for me it was Nirvana, the second half of my life I wanted most.

  The first time I rebelled was that my parents changed their college entrance examination volunteers and went to study across most of China. On the day I received the college admission notice, my mother was extremely angry, but she was helpless. At the university, I made friends, read, party, and exercise., Running on the way back to the dormitory after class, do you know the feeling of freedom?

  From small to large, we are listening to the voices of others to draw a check on our lives. The line on the left is for academic success, and the line on the right is to have a stable and good job. The line above is threeYou must get married before the age of ten. The following line is that you must have a baby when you get married. It seems that only in this grid is safe and only considered happy by others.Once you want to jump out of this grid, someone will say you "make".

  Souls cannot be accommodated in other towns, and the flesh cannot be placed in the hometown. A place called home cannot find a way to feed the family, but a place where the family feeds can be found cant settle down.

  Last year I quit my job and left Shenzhen for Suzhou. I opened a jade shop, made many like-minded friends, and achieved financial freedom.

  I have been in the media industry for 5 years. Now I am a client director of an advertising company. The company is at the foot of the imperial city, adjacent to the International Trade Center in the west, and Dawang Road in the east. During the day, people can watch the traffic of the big pants CBD.The workmans lights are green.

  The bowheads fiddled with their phones boredly, as if they were tired of everything; the trainee girl with her eyes closed on the armrests had a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo, but her makeup was exquisite, and the thick foundation did not cover the dark circles.

  Later, I like to play with baking, and I cant manage it. Going home from work to do baking has become the most anticipated thing every day. I am often busy until two or three in the morning. Later, I get more mature and start to take orders privately, although I cant make a few dollars., But found the meaning of life.

  I used to think that as long as a woman could wear a Chanel coat and carry a big bag, it was considered successful, but one day I came back home from work late at night, and I sighed when I saw my double chin in the mirror and the hair that gradually faded: AdultIn the world, apart from gaining weight and hair loss, it is not easy. In this dead state, even if the famous brand is added, others think it is a cottage.

  In order to release the pressure built up in my heart, I fell in love with drag racing. When the night flooded the city and screamed through the straight road, there was no restraint and no rules at that moment, as if releasing my true self.

  You must go home before 10 pm, you cant go out for more than 3 hours on weekends, you cant go out of college to work, you cant work more than 10 kilometers away from home. I dont have the ambition to wander the world in my bones, I am so willingly pushed forward by my familygo.

  Park Shu once said, I am not sure to educate this child to be a good person, a person with sound personality, watching him grow up eating junk TV, eating junk food, I am afraid he will be hurt by this world.

  A few years ago, my parents also urged me to find a girlfriend. I always arranged for a blind date every time I went home. A few days ago, on my 35th birthday, my parents called and only said one word: Son, I wish you a happy birthday.Hang up the phone, tears in his eyes, but inexplicably feel at ease and happy.

  After graduation, my uncle arranged an accounting errand. Just 4 years today, I am used to living like a clockwork every day, without waves, but sometimes staring at the computer screen in a daze: Is this the life I want

  I secretly called my dad a few days ago and told him that I was in love. My dad was a little choked. Maybe he finally saw his daughter free.

  You have to figure out the script of your life, not the sequel of your parents, not the prequel of your children, nor the outside story of your friends.You may be bold in your life, because you will lose it anyway.If there are really miracles in this world, it is just another name for hard work.The most difficult stage in life is not that no one understands you, but that you do not understand yourself.

  Although there are too many frustrations in reality, it still feels that this is a good time: as long as you have a skill enough to make a living and practice well, you can live according to your own wishes.

  Someone in this world is always living the life you want. If you come to the world, you should get rid of the secular rules, break free from the shackles of reality, and live for yourself once.

  The sense of concentration and accomplishment when devoting to what you really love is enough to polish the boredom and boring brought about by the trivial daily life of chai rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea.

  In the eyes of my family, I am doing a decent and advanced job, but did you know that Beijing is brightly lit at night, and none of them are bright for me.Dont look at my dog-like appearance, I still have to pretend to be a grandson in front of customers.

  To be honest, I am not sure.I know that this world is not so beautiful and not so friendly. It is not easy for me to finish my life. There is no need to bring my children to this world. I am not pessimistic, but I recognize that the beautiful world is hidden.Illusion.

  I was still a car marketing manager two years ago. My mother gave her a piece of jade on her birthday. Unexpectedly, she entered the jade pit and started trading jade in her spare time.

  Later, I went to the South Waves for a year off. I found that spending 200 yuan on a bamboo raft to travel between the mountains and forests was much more comfortable than buying 20,000 yuan for 3 months to buy a bag.

  Everyone keeps telling themselves to live their own lives without having to care about others eyes. The most common saying is: go your own way and let others go.

  So in order not to be defined as "composition", you squatted honestly in the lattice and lived a cookie-cutter life, and chose the path that countless people have traveled, which looks safe and smooth.

  Society has set countless rules for us, either hard or easy, or happy or sad, some people are willing to sink, do nothing for a lifetime; some people struggle to resist, dont want to sit in the lattice and squander this life.

  No matter how noisy and noisy the world outside the car is, the world inside the car will always belong to you. Open the door, the new Audi Q2L interior upgrade, full of sense of technology, let you freely release the small universe.

  I dont want to work so hard, but I am hit by both sides of the mortgage loan; I dont want to work step by step, but I have to obey my parents arrangements; I dont want to find someone to marry casually, but I rush into marriage under the pressure of age.

  My condition improved, I packed my luggage and returned to my hometown in Yunnan. I drove a bed and breakfast with my down payment, lived in a country house, drove my beloved car, and accompanied my parents under my knees.

  When I came back from the trip, I submitted my resignation as a freelance illustrator. I spent the savings and rented a studio. Although I can only afford 200 bags, it is full of my happiness.

  The days are tedious, the new Audi Q2L gives you a colorful life.You love tango red, and I am happy with Kailash blue. Choose from 10 exterior colors. Its cool enough to follow your inner choices.

  I have a very controlling mother. She has arranged everything for me since childhood, from toy snacks to school classes. I have never made a decision for myself, and I have been very depressed.My father, too, has been living under my mothers nagging.

  The crowded subway cars are full of grief, quarrels and uneasiness. Men and women are fighting for space and air. Their faces wear the same kind of tiredness and fatigue.

  In fact, there is a small universe buried in everyones heart, where there are infinite wonderful and possible, you are waiting for the time to ripen to go to it, but when you try to ignite the flame, reality always pours a pot of cold water relentlessly.

  Whether you are happy to eat a meal, or eager to ride the land of Xingzhou, dont be arranged by any environment for your life, follow your own heart, and you will not leave regrets.

  But you and I are too small in a big city. Even if you are so small in the subway, you wont care. After all, your dream is too common in this city.

  After a week of continuous overtime, I fainted in the stairwell and almost burped. I lay on the hospital bed and watched the sun outside the window sprinkle on the bedding. I realized that I missed too many good things in life.

  The new Audi Q2L adopts a new design language, a diamond-cut waistline, which looks flexible and without loss of strength, firming your way forward.

  For dreams, for family, or just to survive, tens of millions of young people stay in big cities and want to break out of their own world.territoryraccoon在线翻译
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