Female fish in male and female heteromorphic horse bream (including long



Female fish in male and female heteromorphic horse bream (including long

Large female fish and young female fish) are the same color as male fish that have not developed color? Thank you for your guidance

========Comments of Xianglong aquarium joining Yuyou =====
Yujun Tongle Comment: Its the same without hair color
Its pure pleasure. Comment: The juveniles are all the same, even when they are small in size and do not develop color.
Yudao qq Comments: I want to ask how old are you
Yaochi Cleansing Comments: Not exactly the same
Ah oh yeah Comment: Before the hair color is white strips, the larger the male the more obvious the characteristics.如果我变成回忆 tankantarctic读音
Civilized bandit fish friend: you cow ~ ~ you can get it?? Ha ha, the Thai government wants to arrest you. Can you disclose the price?
Sell it or not, give me one if you buy it, hehe
Alexto fish friend: and now the BB is from xilala
Zhuangzhiting fish friend: you"re really capable of getting such a small Thai tiger, Ding Ding
Nickytang fish friend: beautiful! Tintin, are you going to do it? ha-ha
1789774 fish friend: shit It"s really a Thai tiger, crazy top


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