I might offend people again


  It has been a while now, no matter what posts are posted, there is no essence!Active application is not enough! Is my technical content not enough? @经理@设备圈圈主大主 I might offend people again BLACK DIAMOND ,BD STINGRAY========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

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Yi jgCyh Yuyou said: You have offended those who sell finished fish tanks, offended those who insist on strong filtering, and offended their interests.
Working class e fisherman Yu Yu said: I have learned a lot about fish farming from you. I have taken a lot of detours on the road of fish farming. Whether it is the essence or not, I always believe in you and I must read every post, and I hope to continue posting in the future!
A Liuye Yuyou said: You dont need the essence, anyone who understands will come to see your post actively
Take rice as a thief. If the essence is not rich, I will never care if it is fine or not. I only hope that as many fish friends as possible can see or help some fish friends.
Take rice as a thief, so I basically dont post anymore.
Tians Yuyou said: In my heart, a rogue product must be a fine product!
One thought becomes a magic _ one thought becomes a buddha Yuyou said: The Dragon Peak is too heavy.
The unpleasant devil Yuyou said: Youre about to smash peoples business roads, who dare to refine you
Mai Baojiang Chilong Yuyu said: Long top business is too heavy
Red Dragon Red Yuyou said: You smashed their rice bowl.head forbackward
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