Big brother help to see how much can be won?


Big brother help to see how much can be won? Polypterus ornatipinnis

   Big brother help to see, how much can be won this pot?Which ones are ok, and which ones are not?Thank you========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  fang shopkeeper Yuyou said: What size
Chao Yunfei Yuyou said: Danding and Showa are okay, others are boring
驽跃兴飞 Yuyou said: Eighty yuan?
The bad fat boy Yuyou said: Danding and Fei write (the one with Mo Duo) took it.Forget the rest
Yuan Xiaodong Yu You said: Orange and white are not red and white
Li Jin Du Yu Yu Yu said: Personally feel that writing is white, writing in white, the top is good
Lvyizhou fish friend: you can"t put it in the tank without a sleeve. There will be a chance of scalding.
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Hhddd fish friend:
asian arowana fish price
Is Sherry"s heating accurate
nesta_ Tao fish friends: if there are stingrays, it is not recommended to use eco. You can try sherryBig brother help to see how much can be won??


Aro becomes aggressive!

Sea Snake attempts to eat an eel....


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