Experts who understand the Red Dragon help to evaluate the newly invited Xiaohong Pingping


  Experts who understand the Red dragon help to evaluate the newly invited Xiaohong PingpingExperts who understand Honglong help to evaluate the newly invited Xiaohong, mediocre, appreciate it, thank you!Xiaolong is about five or six months old
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
army31 comment: Mungils fish should not be bad
zhangchi7676 Comment: Hope Kazakhstan
zhangchi7676 comment:, mongil f4
ren001002006 Comment: How much does it cost?
ren001002006 Comment: Hope to be red!!!
Longer obediently Comment: Well
Memories づ obsession, comment: It is Red Dragon, but it depends on the performance in the later period!
zhangchi7676 Comment: Eun, is there anything wrong with watching XiaohongYou are natural, just dont eat
Longer Obedient Comment: Some do not speak for seven or eight daysDont worry
zhangchi7676 Comment: Usually Xiaolong arrives at home for a few daysIts been a while
What to do if the God of wealth fish has prominent eyes.
What medicine is used to highlight fish eyes
What are the symptoms of fish eye protrusion"
Fish eyes with prominent white eyes$
How to treat ingot fish exophthalmos$


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