Sadly Indonesian Red ArowanaTiger fish dont know whats wrong, two are dead, more than thirty centimeters[daku][daku][daku]
======== Xiangyou Aquatic Alliance Yuyou said =====
Bajie steals melons: you dont find the reason to ask here, look at your filtering, how to feed normally, what to feed
a Dont hook it up: Its a pity
Zaoyang_Jie Shao said: What is this?
Sunny qq0021 said: There must be a problem with the water quality, this fish cannot die easily
Wanda Hair Products said: Normal, how can a fish merchant survive?
Zaoyang _ Jie Shao said: Look at the pectoral fins have white spots!Prove that there is a problem with filtration and water quality!Sin!
Mr. Yue Ban said: One car is gone


Red Arowana black tank breeding$
Red Arowana Natural Light&
How to choose chili red arowana"
Red dragon fish feces/
Red Arowana Culture!Sadly。


just to share my little xbcomplete fish

1st batch of pups I have :)

Havent posted some crappy pics in a whil

220 Gallon Aquarium

20Crossed belly HB Goldie


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  • 2022-05-07 18:19:19

    Can a 50-width fish tank raise gold dragons?~