How to feed koi with garlic


  How to feed koi with garlicGarlic has many benefits for koi, so how exactly does koi feed garlic?What are the benefits of garlic for koi carp and what koi fish diseases can be treated?Ordinary, we only know that garlic can treat mild enteritis of Koi.In fact, garlic can also treat some common koi fish diseases, such as koi bleeding, koi vertical scale disease, koi rotten gills, mycosis and so on.In addition to treating fish diseases, garlic also plays a role in attracting food and promoting growth in normal feeding.The specific treatment plan of garlic for these koi fish diseases and the feeding method of garlic feed are also different, which is also the topic of how we feed koi to garlic today.Uses of garlic: 1) Fresh garlic is made into garlic puree and mixed into the feed, or fresh garlic pulp is mixed into the feed at a rate of 3% to make the feed mold mildew.2) Allicin is the substance extracted from the plan, it can promote the growth of koi and has a strong attractant.3) The garlic stem is the stem with the garlic head upwards and upwards. There are many garlic harvest seasons.Koi fish ponds put 50 kilograms of garlic rods per acre of water depth 1 meter, and then three times a month, the survival rate of the fish can reach more than 80% and the fish grow well.Garlic treatment of fish diseases: 1) Treatment of Koi enteritis, which is the most common.Per 100 kg of fish with garlic 0.5 kg, plus 0.3 kg of table salt, mixed with feed, fed continuously for 3-6 days, there will be improvement.2) Treatment of koi bleeding disease: garlic for every 10,000 koi25 kg, with 4 kg of Alternanthera philoxeroides, salt 0.2 kg, grind and feed with bean cake, twice a day for 4 consecutive days.3) Koi carp disease.With garlic head 0.25 kg, salt 0.2 kg, mixed into ground mud, add 50 kg of clean water, mix well, dip the affected fish in the medicinal solution, and continue to use for 5 to 7 days.Or 2 to 3 ml of allicin, 20 kg of water, mix evenly, dip the affected fish in the drug solution, 10 to 15 minutes each time, once a day, for 5 to 7 days.4) Koi rotten gills: 500 grams of garlic, rhubarb, and salt for every 50 kilograms of fish, fed to the koi with bait for 6 consecutive days.5) Mycosis: every 50 kg of fish with ginger 0.25 kg, garlic 0.3 kg, grated, filter out ginger juice with gauze, add salt and white wine each 0.25 kg, mixed evenly, soak the fish body, 5-10 minutes each time, use 3-5 times in a row.Most of the above is about the amount of koi fish pond culture, because we usually have a limited number of koi fish tanks for koi fish tank cultivation, it is not easy to calculate the amount, but as long as the amount of garlic is correct, the time for soaking sick fish will be the same.Certain treatment effect.
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Rendering the bustling comment: learned, just mixed some garlic to feed fish
God Forbidden Zone S Comment: Learn to learn
jimmyang Comment: Learn from each other
Peacock color Comment: Well, just use it, I can try it in the future, thank you for sharing
jimmyang Comment: It needs to be dried first, dont throw too much, the lithium carp eats quickly, I have used this method, not bad.
jimmyang Comment: It needs to be dried first, dont throw too much, the lithium carp eats quickly, I have used this method, not bad.
jimmyang Comment: It needs to be dried first, dont throw too much, the lithium carp eats quickly, I have used this method, not bad.
Peacock Comments: Soak the feed with garlic mud, right?Mix the feed with garlic puree and throw it in the water to separate directly.Do all these methods work, has anyone tried it?
jimmyang Comment: No, learn from each other
Haotianzhifengshen Comment: Will you feed garlic directly?
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