Novice ask everyone what parrots usually eat?


  Pellet feed?Living body?
Novice ask everyone what parrots usually eat? Sianlon SUPER RED AROWANA Food
======== Xianglong aquarium joined Yuyou said =====
The Chinese cabbage in the field said: I see what is said in the parrot circle. If you are small, you can eat feed. When you grow up to about 15, you can eat shrimp.
Okay, little magic fairy said: feed it eats live food purely entertainment, after all, the mouth is too small
Qixi Bingcola said: all is ok

Zuge said: feed is enough

Zuge said: Its fine during the period.

Which is more profitable, golden arowana or Red Arowana+
Dragon fish, red dragon or golden dragon,
How can golden dragons and red dragons be mixed.
Golden Arowana and red arowana are raised together:
Singapore Red arowana and Golden Arowana=
What is the feeding temperature range of red arowana
Golden Arowana or red arowana——
Secret of mixed breeding of Golden Dragon and red dragonNovice ask everyone what parrots usually eat?。


Happy chinese new year { zodiac 2014 }

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4 black bar silver dollars 3 3 bar Indo

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