Hoplias Aimara close up

My Hoplias Aimara Tapajos Red
Hoplias Aimara close up AROWANA Forum
Hoplias Aimara close up Arowanaclub Canada
My Hoplias Aimara Tapajos Red
Thats a beautiful Anjumara! Serious predator。
tomuhs said!
awesome fish。。。
just taken this picture yesterday
How big is the fish Wolfman?
Any chance we could see a full body pic??
ok will try to take a full body。。。
need to relocate to have space for taking picture。
Other of my Hoplias Aimara,corvette stingray facts VZ
I was in Guyana Sth America this time last year and had the opportunity to land a few MALAs using a cast net in shallow dirt pools。 The locals cleaned and cooked them, they are a terribly bony fish and are called ";Huri";, They also mentioned the Aimara by name which can be found upstream, I am the middle one in the second pic。
nice!!! looked like fun!
im hoping to plan a fishing trip in south america sometime。 but i know its $$$!!!
Arodynamic said!
Wolfman said!
awesome pictures?Hoplias Aimara close up

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