Novice to raise dragon fish please guide


Novice to raise dragon fish please guide Cichlidae

   Its been five days since the new fish tank was opened, and digestive bacteria were added. The fish I ordered yesterday just came back from Guangzhou tonight. Im from Jinchang, Gansu. The water temperature is now rising slowly at 28 degrees, and the fish sometimes swim to the bottom of the fish tank;Rub the tank; head down; I beg you to guide the dragon-raising gods, I am a novice to raise fish, thank you Jinchuan District, Jinchang City, Gansu Province========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Grandma Nayu Yuyu said: Oh my go.Follow me somewhere ( ? )
~Heart is like water, Yuyou said: Yes
My little brother raises dragon fish Yuyu said: raise the dragon water level should not be too high, it is best to be around 40. It is easy to lose eyes when raising dragon fish at high water level. My dragons are all over 40 water levels
Yutaros dog Yuyou said: good
Hawkins Luzhou Laojiao Yuyou said: It is recommended to keep the temperature and change the water the next day.Dont rush to feed the mouth
Hawkins Luzhou Laojiao Yuyou said: At present it is the normal performance of new fish coming back
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