Why the koi in the tank sees people swimming wildly



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  Willing to wei009 Say: 1 It may be timid, and not quite adapted to the environment.My new fish is like this, starting on the third day is better
Yuyou Tianyu Say: 1 Cowardly
Yuyou struggle qq0033 Say: 1 Just adapt slowly
Yuyou summer cup of cool white Say: 1 timid
Yuyou TATA001 Say: Timid

  Usually the fish just bought
Yuyouyuer88 Say: 1 Im timid. I recently introduced one. It has been two weeks. I dont eat it. Other fish eat well.
Yuyou earthen cannon also has spring Say: Get used to it^0^
Yuyou Punishment Arrow Say: 1 timid
Yuyou ℃ below zero Say: Im not timid yetprospect
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