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Dont forget the original intention of fish farming Comments: Big looks good, I also like big ones
Yulin Yige Comments:
Soaring Ly Comments:
Fan Sijun Comment: Is the big armored samurai?
Long Muxuan Comment: Is there a 2 kg big one?
Can a tiger fish kill an arowana#
How to solve dragon fish biting tiger fish$
Will the tiger fish recover from being bitten?@
What to do if the tiger fish is bitten by the golden dragon!
Arowana biting a flying phoenix,
Flying Phoenix bites other fish(
Tiger fish fight dragon fish solution$


Is tis normal for male ray?

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Brachyplatystoma flavicans

05 January 2011 - Shrimp feeding Video

Aquarium Fishes and setups


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    Can Feifeng be kept with koi fish?/