How about this super blood under the small update?Just 23 cm


  How about this super blood under the small update?Just 23 cmUnder the small update, how about this super blood?Just 23 cm.
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Who is also God Comment: Okay, very good little red dragon
?Zhuzi? Comment: Take your timeNot bad
Ancient War dragon c++omment: Beautiful
Dalu Yinghao-Comment: Thank you all
Dalu Yinghao-Comment: OK, OK
Hualong Engineering Comments: Yes, take good care of it
Aman qq comment: There is a background, very good in the future.
ren001002006 comment: feel good
ren001002006 comment: feel good
L-H-R Comment: A good dragon, keep it up
Will the gold arowana be too full if it is fed?)
How to grow arowana is the best"
Arowana eats live prawns with shell(
Arowana and shrimp polyculture:
Arowana was suddenly violent and bumped


LF Green Banjar or Silver

RAF039;s 19th Grand Champion

largest arowana recordshort body tiger O

Help with interpretation of water test r

Black Carassius


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