The story of the fish farmer series


The story of the fish farmer series Leopard tattoo

   Thank you for your support all the way, I wish our feelings of fish farming will always be!The love of fish will never die!========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Langlibai 002 Yuyou said: Seeking truth from facts is better, honest
Muye looking back, life is not easy
When Guangdong was a child, the sky was very blue. Yuyou said: Talented and patient, I serve
Kiwi Yuyu said: Its really good
Tianqi Oba Yuyou said: Absolutely high status at home
King Chi Yuyou said: No one will serve, just serve you!
shibin18 Yuyou said: great
Hebei Jinlin Aquarium Yuyou said: Yes, awesome, it is estimated that it takes a lot of effort, like it
lucky.Panda Viagra, the price of my private house is not more than 10 yuan
Childhood, paper plane Yuyou said: the background music is very nice
Does the ingot chicken lay more eggs?@
The difference between Yuanhuan pigeon and Yuanbao pigeon:
Ingot chicken cooking method~
The largest ingot pigeon in the world,
There are several breeds of ingot chicken!
Why are snowflake ingot pigeons expensive
Why ingot pigeons are so expensive.
How much is the cheapest ingot pigeon?The story of the fish farmer series。


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