Zhongshan Fish + Zhongshan VegetablesGuangdong Zhongshan Water Produces Fresh Sales Opens Express Hi


  Zhongshan Fish + Zhongshan VegetablesGuangdong Zhongshan Water Produces Fresh Sales Opens Express Highway“我们做了四款套餐式的生鲜品种,把中山养殖的鱼类与青菜一起整合打包,按168元、138元、48元等不同的价格分类,尝试打通‘中山鱼’从出塘到The chain of the public dining table can now be launched."On March 20, Liu Ying, the chairman of the Fisheries Association of Zhongshan City Fisheries and Aquatic Products, said that after several days of overtime work, they explored the development of "Zhongshan Fish" + "Zhongshan Cuisine"The model product chain was finally opened, and the "Zhongshan Fish" that came out of the pond was sent directly to the citizens dining table.

  "Peoples Fish Freshness is an e-commerce platform that we have created that combines wholesale and retail. Click on the picture to see the details of the goods.Liu Ying swiped his mobile phone to show the product schematic diagram of the "Mr. Fisherman" WeChat applet.Liu Ying said that the e-commerce platform was originally developed to solve the problem of unsalable sales."In retail, we have also innovated 4 sets of meals, all for the matching of Hong Kong fish and Zhongshan cuisine, to meet the diverse needs of consumers as much as possible."Liu Ying said that the prices of the four packages currently offered are 48 yuan, 68 yuan, 138 yuan, and 168 yuan, respectively.Taking the 68 yuan package as an example, it includes 1 thin-skinned carp for Hong Kong (net weight about 600 grams), 1 thin-skinned carp for Hong Kong (net weight 400-450 grams), and 1 serving of local kudzu and carrot (net weight)About 750 grams), 1 local ginger onion, parsley (net weight 200 grams).The reason why   launched the combined package, Liu Ying said that the average familys consumption capacity is limited, the package is more practical, "These four packages fully consider the balanced diet, fish and vegetables are matched, not only can meet the food needs at once, but also convenientworking group."

  "Consumers place orders on the same day, deliver the goods the next morning, receive the goods in the afternoon, and eat them that night."In terms of logistics and distribution, Liu Ying said that in order to ensure that the ingredients are fresh, they can only take the form of pre-sales. After the order quantity is counted, they will be handed over to the courier company as soon as possible and packed in a box with a temperature between 0 and 6 degrees Celsius.Freshly served.

  On March 20, China Mobile Zhongshan Branch also came to the Fisheries and Aquatic Products Transshipment and Wholesale Center in Minshan Town, Zhongshan City to connect with Liu Ying, the chairman of the Fisheries Association of Minshan Town, Zhongshan City, to discuss a new aquatic fresh food e-commerce marketing model.After nearly an hour of discussion, the two sides reached a consensus, through the sharing of information on the e-commerce platform, and the simultaneous launch of the method, to broaden the market for Hong Kong aquatic products, so that more Zhongshan citizens can eat high-quality fresh aquatic products.

  Liu Ying also said that Zhongshan farmers can connect with them and let more "Zhongshan fish" and "Zhongshan dishes" go to the citizens dining tables.(Source: Southern Net & Huang Lianjie & Chen Weiqi)
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