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  I have been farming fish for several years, and I have spent a lot of money buying and selling fish and equipment back and forth. I like things very much. After fish farming, I have tried various equipment, various filters, and various water conditioning supplies.Basically shaped, but the light is used back and forth. I didnt find a more suitable one. Like Philip 865, Royal Dragon International, and nec, these general feelings only have the function of hair color, and they are not ideal for viewing in the later period.After seeing Guangteyis "Emperor Light" light, it made my eyes shine. I feel that this led light is what I want, which can not only promote the color of the fish but also facilitate viewing.Later fish will arrive one after another, I will continue to update the use of the lamp, write a detailed situation for this lamp. Haigang District, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province

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  ?Wear more cotton-padded jackets and say: Diguang, is one enough?One meter six cylinder

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  Uncle loves soft sister, what will be the details of the lamp?
What food do wild fish like to eat?
What food do the fish in the river eat"
What fish bait attracts fish the most)
What food do clown fish eat~
What do fish generally eat,
What food does the Little fish like to eat$


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