Sansheng Township Flower Markets new site exposure: use the speed of 70 to see you





  The familiar 56 bus, the familiar road, the familiar environment, used to be a lively place that must be blocked on the sunny day of Saturday and Sunday. Flowers and green plants decorate the bags and car trunks of people coming and going, but now "people are thingsNot anymore.Many consumers who do not know the relocation situation are dumbfounded at the first glance, but after learning the reason, the second glance is still dumbfounded, because they do not know how to take the car to the Sansheng Flower Industrial Park.In order to solve this problem, the relevant responsible personnel specially set up a free shuttle bus at the original site of Gaodianzi. In addition to fewer bus lines, it provides people with another travel option.

  The first is investment. According to the merchants in the park, the merchants who settled in the industrial park were mainly directly moved from the original site of Gaodianzi, but not all the original merchants moved here, so the park introduced a batch of new merchants to do hereBusiness, but in spite of this, the large glass room space still cannot be filled, such as the fresh cut flowers/leaf material area and the foliage plant/potted plant comprehensive area, it seems a little empty, especially the former, there are only a few freshThe number of cut flower shops cannot be compared with the original location of Gaodianzi.


  In addition, in the classification signs in the industrial park, we can also see restaurants, tea break areas, toilets, etc. Although the restaurant and tea break areas are currently under construction and have not been presented, but only from the planning layout, Considered fairly thoughtful.

  The second is the zoning classification. It is undeniable that from the point of view of planning and design, this is quite good, but the thousands of mountains and waters on the drawings do not mean that the physical buildings can still be vast.From the perspective of some blocks, there is indeed a little mismatch between the name and the name. For example, the area E is planned to be an aquarium flower and plant area, but the merchants inside are still mainly dominated by potted plants and potted flowers."Root carving coffee table", but there are a lot of aquarium products.


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  In July, the original Sansheng Town Flower Market (Gaodianzi) began to relocate, and most of the merchants collectively moved to a brand-new industrial park located at a distance of 4 kilometers from the original site-Sansheng Flower Industrial Park, close to Bailu Creek Ecologypark.On July 18, Sansheng Flower Industrial Park opened, and the arrival of a large number of merchants added vitality and popularity to it, while Gaodianzi was unable to resist under the action of bulldozers, leaving only a loess and loneliness.


  Sansheng Township Industrial Park is very new, and Xinde can smell a decoration as soon as it walks in. It is very big, like a professional market divided into categories.But compared with the original site of Gaodianzi Flower Market, it gives a sense of distance. In anthropomorphic terms, it is that you really want to be polite and out of touch with it.The former bargaining with the boss, sitting shoulder to shoulder with the past customers, walking the streets like a hutong, and happily walking in the streets, can not be given by the current Sansheng Township Industrial Park.It used to be like Taobao, but its more like purchasing now.

  The third is consumer sentiment. The number of customers in the industrial park is obviously not lower than the original site, and the traffic volume has shrunk significantly. Whether it is for merchants or related staff, it seems to be the same opinion.The reason is that on the one hand, the location is relatively remote and has just moved, and consumers seem to be in a foggy stage. On the other hand, it is market competition. There are also many flower concentration areas near the original Gaodianzi market., Has a large geographical advantage.

  Conclusion: For the original site, thank you for the memory it has brought to the citizens of Chengdu, whether it is the beauty of flowers and green plants, or the irritability of people and vehicles congestion; for the new site, I hope that time can give more space to make it better and better.


  "The speed is seventy, the mood is freedom. Running with the wind. Freedom is the direction, chasing the power of thunder and lightning." This is the lyrics of "Run", and it is also the journey of the editor to visit the Sansheng Flower Industrial Park recently.In addition to intimate experience of the special sightseeing bus connecting the old and new flower markets, a great embrace of the turbulent winds of Chengdu in the early autumn and the one-sided haircut of a wind-ridden classmate like a flower wheel, I also deeply felt the three holy flowersThe remoteness and popularity of the industrial park are ordinary. Of course, its advantages such as spaciousness and brightness are also obvious.

  In a sightseeing car, from the starting point to the end point, shuttle between the woods, crossing the viaduct, winding and winding, when you see a large glass house building, you know that you have arrived.


  Compared with the original site of Gaodianzi, the larger advantages here are in two aspects: first, the space is bright and spacious, and the glass room is more beautiful; second, the planning is divided into different categories.Judging from the business scope currently presented, the industrial park is divided into 9 areas, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and I, corresponding to the following types of business-Chinese New Year flowers and foliage viewingPlant area, potted plant and potted plant area, small plant area/high-end utensil area, flower accessory and bulk wholesale area, aquarium flower and plant area, foliage plant/potted plant comprehensive area, foliage plant/succulent plant wholesale area, plant/ Utensil wholesale area, fresh cut flowers/leaf materials area.bananas
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