How big is the dinosaurs largest fossilThe largest dinosaur fossil found in the world is the 32-meter-long "giant" dinosaur fossil unearthed in Argentina on October 17, 2007.This dinosaur is about 13 meters tall and has a length of 32 meters, including a tail of 15 meters and a neck of more than ten meters.The spine of the dinosaur weighed 9 tons, and the neck spine was 1 meter long.


  British paleontology discovered the largest dinosaur fossil in Europe to date on the Isle of Wight. The owner of the fossil is a sauropod dinosaur living in the early Cretaceous. This fossil was actually discovered as early as 1992, and the researcher Nash of the University of Portsmouth realized its importance in 2000, and his research paper was published in the latest issue of "Cretaceous Research".The paper points out that this section of the cervical spine fossil, which is about 3 meters long, is well preserved. It is inferred that this dinosaur is more than 20 meters long and weighs 40-50 tons.So this is undoubtedly the largest and heaviest dinosaur in Europe. In terms of body structure, this big dinosaur has many similarities with Brachiosaurus and Sauroposeidon. Another fossil of the cervical spine was found along with this fossil. It may belong to the same dinosaur, but it is not so well preserved and is currently being repaired.Nash pointed out that the fossils were found under a cliff, and he believes that more dinosaur fossils may be found nearby. The worlds largest dinosaur currently lives in South America. Sauroposeidon is 30 meters long and weighs 50 tons.It is said that someone found a 2 in North America in 1877.The 4-meter-long spine fossils suggest that the dinosaur is about 52 meters long.Unfortunately, the whereabouts of this fossil were unknown, and scientists cannot confirm it now. On a hot summer day in 1964, when the Comprehensive Research Team of the Petroleum Bureau of the Ministry of Geology worked in Laiyang and Zhucheng, Shandong Province, a huge calf bone (tibia) was found in Longgujian, and its owner belonged to the large duck-billed dragon.Longkejians new discovery immediately aroused peoples eager attention.Since then, the Geological Museum of the Ministry of Geology and the Institute of Geology of the Academy of Geological Sciences in October 1964, April 1965, May 1966 and June 1968, excavated four times in Longgujian, and found a total of 5 large ducksZuilongs individual fossils are estimated to be 30 tons.After the fossils were recovered, after more than 4 years of cleaning, repairing, and restoration work, a large dinosaur skeleton was synthesized, which was the tallest known in the world at the time.It is even bigger than the famous Tyrannosaurus (T. rex).This news immediately shocked the international paleontology community!After studying these fossils, Hu Chengzhi, a researcher at the Geological Museum, named it the giant Shandong Dragon (Shantungosaurus giganteus).Later, this behemoth was transported to Beijing and displayed in the Beijing Natural History Museum.Since then, the research work on Shandong Dragon has not stopped. From 1988 to 1992, the Zhucheng Cultural Bureau and the Institute of Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences once again formed an excavation team to excavate and assemble another unique to China.Duck-billed dragon-like fossil, which is bigger than the Shandong dragon found before. Researchers such as Zhao Xijin named this huge fossil as the Zhuchengosaurus maximus. After the ingenuity of scholars and technicians, this complete currentThe tallest platypus dragon fossil in the world is presented in front of everyone. The huge dragons in the city are 16.6 meters, height 9.1 meter, weighing more than 10 tons, currently cherished in Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum. Shandong Dragon lives in Zhucheng, Shandong together with the "twin brothers" like Zhucheng Dragon.In the distant Mesozoic, there is a well-developed small continental basin-Zhulai Basin, and now the Zhucheng area is located in this basin.At that time, the Zhulai Basin had a mild and humid climate and lush vegetation. Many lakes were scattered among them, and a large group of dinosaurs lived here. It was the most ideal habitat for dinosaurs.These large duck-billed dinosaurs often form dozens of groups, including several families, protecting the young and the old, and strolling between the forest and the river beach. Why can dragon bone stream contain so many fossils?This question should be answered from paleogeography.It turned out that the Zhucheng area happened to be located in the famous Jiaolai Basin, which is almost unknown to geologists. In the southern section of the basin, the Cretaceous period entered the evolutionary period of continental sedimentation.The "Cretaceous Wang Family Formation" unearthed in large areas in Zhucheng is a masterpiece of this deposit.The Wangs are composed of continental sediments of river facies and lakes.On the rock formation section of Longchengjian in Zhucheng, you can see that the Wang Formation is composed of red and yellow-green rock formations. These two colors represent the river sediments that alternate between dry and wet season cycles. Fossils are mainly preserved in the middle and upper parts.Sandy mudstone.That is to say, in the distant Cretaceous period, rivers and lakes were scattered, dense forests and lush plants were everywhere, and huge dinosaur families roamed and thrived in this charming natural kingdom. Zhucheng has recently carried out the third large-scale excavation, and the most exciting thing is that the scientific research team has discovered a duck-billed dragon femur that is thicker and longer than the huge Zhucheng dragon in a range of about 20 square meters.Fossils of humerus, ribs, tibia, and scapula, and these bones are likely to originate from the same dinosaur."We plan to complete the racking in June this year. This dinosaur skeleton is more than 10 meters high and about 20 meters long.I plan to name it "Chinese Dragon".Researcher Zhao Xijin, a researcher at the Institute of Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told me that once this "Big Mac" is successfully racked, it will shock the world.

  Rabbit crocodile, 0.4 meters, archaeopteryx 50 cm, American jaw dragon 1 meter, protoceratops 1.8m Velociraptor 1.8 meters but he is thin and fearful claw dragon 3 meters thick head dragon 4.5m Spiny Ankylosaurus, also known as Spikeback Dragon 5m Bottom Dragon 6m Ankylosaurus 6m Slow Action Ostrich Dinosaur 6m Slippery Tooth Dragon 6.4 meters Triceratops 8 meters



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