Do-It-Myself Aquaponic cum 3D Background

Do-It-Myself Aquaponic cum 3D Background!Do-It-Myself Aquaponic cum 3D Background!Good day bros and sis, My Project XB finally comes to a 90% finish! Here are some pictures to share with you all。 Hope you all will like them Here goes;
My 422 Tank was delivered to my home
After measurements, I customized the aquaponic tank and here it is;
>This is the pipe where the water will be overflow down to the modified OHF
Actually the piping was suppose to be done by the fish shop。 but he didnt manage to have enough pipes so i decided to DIY myself。 Went over to industrial 5 metal shop to get the necessary equipment;
>Doing measurements before i start to saw the PVC pipes;
Time for the most strenuous part! To wash 20litres of clayballs。。。。。。 took me the whole day to wash them! after that, I started to pour them into the Aquaponic tank。 Modified a plastic container to prevent the clayballs from clogging the pipings;
>Interesting。 Camping for more。
>Cant wait to see the progress of your project, thumbs up
>3D background part;
manage to get two piece of the background from LFS
Cleaned, swiped,MALAYSIA GOLDEN AROWANA dried and vacuumed the tank before I applied silicone to the back of the background。 Pasted the two piece to the back and uses weights to hold them down;
>Took the bottom styrofoam board out and tried out my talent on art!
>3 days later, I placed back the styrofoam board, removed the weights and this is the outcome;
>Likes! (4)
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