What bait are generally used by people looking for freshwater fish in Yingkou Liaoning


  5 R9 Z. T: E p4 r Black catfish is called black fish in the southern coast of Liaoning. Its family has a fight with the six-line fish in the southern coast of Liaoning. Its living habits are very different from that of the six-line fish.Shrimp and crab, generally on large seabed reefs, black skirts are at the top of the reefs and caves.The six-line fish lives at the bottom of the reef.The black dress is a fierce fish, and the foraging method is to snatch, so Luya can often reach the black cat.The bait for black catfish must be strip-shaped, such as six-line fish cut into strips, hooked to the bait.Sorghum leaves (commonly known as a small marine fish) can be hooked on the head and eyes.Loach is also the bait and hanging method that black catfish likes.Cut squid into strips, octopus legs (octopus legs) are two kinds of bait that are not easy to use for too long, and become hard after a long time.The maggot is a universal bait. Most fish like it. The black catfish should be hooked on the mouth of the maggot. Dont be too long. The longer the better.The black cat bites its prey in search of food.When you pull the rod, the hook will shake the bait, giving the black fish an illusion and hitting you. O9 L. E, Z1 p1 x, F- Z, _

  9 j* A& y4 D/ x/ ]: N, k Fishing for different fish must be based on the local bait. The fish are habitual for bait and cannot be the same.For example, when fishing for mullet (barracuda) near the cages in the southern Liaoning Island, oil rollers (a type of small fish) are generally used, but it is not easy to use them in other places that are not cages.As a bait, barracuda often picks up leftovers under the cages.I like to eat that stuff over time. l i: N G& a/ x2 W n

  With the rising of sea fishing, the use of bait is a problem that everyone who is new to sea fishing is more concerned about.The Liaonan I am talking about here refers to the northern surface of the Yellow Sea.Of course, Shandong and other northern coasts are also applicable.9 t* r( W( b0 ]1 l$ I) Q

  Six-line fish are called yellow croakers along the southern coast of Liaoning. They have a wide range of branches and large groups.It lives on the bottom of the bottom sea, which is close to sand and reefs. It lives on shrimps and seaweed shellfish, so it has a wide range of foraging, but it is not a fierce fish. A round bait is most suitable for foraging: such asShrimp balls, sea clams, sea rabbits, maggots, sea rainbow, and hermit crabs are all good baits.Here I want to say one thing, that is, the method of hanging bait, you must hang the bait into a round shape.Six-line fish eat bait instead of snatching, but sucking bait, a bit like carp, the difference is that carp spit bait, six-line fish do not spit bait.Reflected on the sea fishing rod is a clear sense of jitter.

  Anyone who has ever caught a sea fish will have the feeling that the sea fish is more fierce than the freshwater fish and has a strong sense of directness and obvious strength.The reason is that marine fish are not very picky about bait and are sensitive to the reflection of running water.Even if you are not fussy, you must be right, not to mention Li Guan. d9 {4 I0 W. ?, R8 _ 7 v

  The main fish species in southern Liaoning are six-line fish (yellow croaker), black catfish (black croaker). Other fish species are in a hurry according to the season.More) Occasionally, you can catch boss fish (sometimes called paddling fish), kitten fish, etc.Not listed here one by one.
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