Novice to ask how to deal with the big god protein bug


  Novices ask the gods, how to deal with protein bugs?

  anson2014 Say: No special treatment is required.Change more water, more cotton and less feeding. Put grass gold or blue mansaurus.

Novice to ask how to deal with the big god protein bug Aquaculture ForumFisherman freemanxchf Say: Change the water and wash it!
Yuyou Rookie 100 Say: Change water boiled filter cotton
Tayuobaba Say: Positive Solutions Upstairs
Fish Friends Gourmet Kitchen 001 Say: Change water, wash cotton,
Yuyou originally liked tossing Say: Clean and change filter cotton, keep changing water.
Yuyou 18343076000 Say: Grass gold and blue eel are still in the sink in the tank
Yuyou Zuge Say: Just go into the water Just go into the watertraditional翻译Little Arowana little tiger
Arowana has been swimming in the middle of the fish tank,
Arowana just arrived at the middle level^
Is the arowana normal in the middle?~
What is the use of arowana in bottom swimming(
What"s the matter with Arowana swimming#
How long will the red arowana fade@
Arowana swimming obliquely$
Arowana always swims in the lower middle$
Arowana always swims below)


Snow White with its new tank mates

August 11th Video

my collection of aros addictionPikonni f

Kowloon Tank (Dragon Fish Tank)



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