Suspected murder in Tampines flat; neigh

The police have cordoned off an HDB flat in Tampines where a murder is believed to have occurred。
Officers taped off access to the 10th floor of Blk 856B along Tampines St 82。
A female neighbour who declined to be named said two working adults, their two children and a maid lived in the flat。 The victim is said to be the 16-year-old daughter,Suspected murder in Tampines flat; neighbour heard shrieks at noon who was believed to have been killed by the maid。
The neighbour,Suspected murder in Tampines flat; neighbour heard shrieks at noonMALAYSIA GOLDEN AROWANA who also lives on the 10th floor, said she heard shrieks coming from the flat at about 12pm on Thursday。
The police are now investigating the death of a 16-year-old girl as a murder。
A spokesman said the police received a call for assistance at 12。57pm and officers arrived only to find the girl lying motionless in a bedroom of the 10th floor of Block 856B, Tampines Street 82。
She had apparently suffered two stab wounds to her torso。 Paramedics pronounced her dead at the scene and police said a 28-year-old woman has been arrested in connection with the case。 The Straits Times understands that the suspect is the maid of the family。
The occupants of the unit declined comment when approached by reporters。
>Another life sentence。。。
>Wah。。。arnie hiong。。。。。
>now lets see what sentence given to the accused
is this gonna be another mockery of the system?
>Death sentence。。。 appeal den life sentence。。。 we can be judge manz。。
>Read a few chinese paper today。。。 so many death sentence change to life sentence。
>bloody joke。。 think abt it from a logical point of view
with deterrence and punishment。。 its not totally stopping ppl from committing crimes
what more if its lesser punishment?

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