Flowerhorn Fish My new three kinds of aquatic plantsEra comment: Arowana is still used, its okay, I take two tablets at a time with more than 750 liters of water, and there are no adverse reactions to arowana

  Chlorine dioxide usage: find a plastic bottle or glass bottle, not a metal bottle, 500ml capacity, first fill with water, put a piece of chlorine dioxide, dissolve according to the proportion, pour into the measuring cup, must not be excessive,Do not exceed 3ml in and out, then find a bottle after dilution and sprinkle it into the water evenly, wait for 1 hour, exhale oxygen for 5 hours, the medicine will be gone.(Prevention and treatment usage) Pour the rest on the towel and wipe the fish tank again.Or use the remaining solution to soak the equipment, remember to wash it again with clean water.Equipment, fish tank disinfection Usage: Fill the fish tank with water, throw the equipment into it, drop a piece of chlorine dioxide, dip the solution with a towel, wipe the fish tank or filter tank, and dry the bucket.Soak for 12 hours, then replace the water and wash the equipment again (no soap, basic principle).If you cant throw it in, you can disinfect it. If you can use it, you can use a spray or wipe.

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  My new three is chlorine dioxide, heating, water change, chlorine dioxide can basically be said to be a universal fish medicine, see my post for details, this method is not suitable for arowana, sensitive fish should be reduced to use dioxideChlorine, sensitive fish: Thunder Dragon, 80% dosage, Little Thunder Dragon 40% dosage.Scaleless fish: 60% of the large dose and 30% of the small dose.Fish with poor resistance such as snapper: 40%, 60% for adult fish.50% dosage for small fish (1-4 cm), 80% dosage for medium-sized fish (4-7) cm, 100% dosage for large fish (above 8 cm) with strong resistance, 80% dosage difference, if the range is 600-A piece of 900 liters of water, if the drug resistance is poor and small, try to reduce the dosage as much as possible. For example, a 2 cm sapphire Phoenix uses 300 liters of water.For example, a piece of fortune of 12 centimeters is 900 liters of water, such as a piece of 6 cm of ruby 700 liters of water, and so on!

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  The third thing is to warm up, change water, add salt, fish friends who have read my post know that I dont agree with salt, theoretically I have already written a post in August, fish friends can go and seeToday, I posted this post that offends easily.

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