Queen"s Sail This is the aquarium arowana


  Yuyou collected it
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Supreme Jewel 9527 Comments: Archaeopteryx, Cow
zizai Comment: Small fish can!!!
Blue Snapper Comments: Archaeopteryx Fish Tank
栤丨灬柔情 Comments: Luohan
Wire saw broken wood Comments: What a good way to raise
Thumbs? Comment: Pretty good
Longer obediently commented: Yang Luo is still goodWhich is better, Black Emperor and Black Gold Stingray&The reason why stingray refuses to eat/Will the stingray die off?!What"s wrong with stingray?Can Stingray and Arowana be raised together?:Stingray refused to eat for one month(What happened to the stingray~How to raise a crown stingray*The cause and treatment of stingrayQueen"s Sail This is the aquarium arowana。


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Yellow Scales Golden Head xb

Ok, im newbie here...

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Philippines Sianlon Aquatic


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    How about fairy colorful fish with dragon fish%