Where To Get This Food?

Ive heard of this brand before but dont know whether we have it in our local stores or not?
Looks good。。。easier than preparing your own gel food。
The goldfish in the video looks to enjoy it and its easy to prepare。
Im not promoting it, just to share with bros here what i found in youtube。
Mod, please help delete if improper。
more videos to share !
>i bought once for tetra at c328 auntie shop
>Bro maybe can try serangoon north PetmartGood luck
>Thanx for the heads-up bros。。。
>Nks at kovan has it。 RRP is two red notes。
>Try it out and share with us pls
>Petmart at serangoon north got sell,corvette stingray usa if dun have what you want, just let boss Ben know the name, he can make it happen!Where To Get This Food?Where To Get This Food?

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