Will the latest plan of another district in Linfen just affect your exposure?


  Recently, the Linfen Chengnan No. 1 real estate project was ready to start construction, and the sales department began to open to the outside world.Among them, netizens photographed some planning information about Linfen Chengnan,

Will the latest plan of another district in Linfen just affect your exposure? Arowana Farm

  According to the plan a few years ago, Linfen College of Shanxi Normal University will be relocated to the south of the city.Regarding the relocation of Linfen College, a recent piece of public information:

  In April 2019, Linfen City held the first meeting of the leadership team of the new campus construction of Linfen College of Shanxi Normal University.According to the plan: The new campus of Linfen College of Shanxi Normal University is located in Shenliu Village, Yaomiao Town, Yaodu District, Linfen City, covering an area of more than 1,000 acres.The relationship between the four is as follows: Planning First Street in the north, Xuefu Middle Road in the south, Huamen South Street in the east, and Dingfa Street in the west.

  The construction content includes: administrative comprehensive building, department building, library, public teaching building, logistic service center, student apartment, canteen, public experiment building, stadium and auxiliary living room, etc., campus road and square hardening, greening project, outdoorInfrastructure supporting projects such as water supply and drainage, HVAC, and electric power can satisfy 12,000 students studying and living in school.

  According to the plan marked in the figure and the plan publicized by the Evergrande Huafu Sales Department, the south extension project of Linfen Middle Street will be extended to Huamen.However, due to various reasons, the Nanyan project has not progressed further in the printing and dyeing lanes, and the Evergrande Huafu Phase I and Phase II have also failed to pass through.Looking forward to the latest progress in the future.

  In addition, there are, planning parks and so on.However, the sales office also stated that the supporting information does not mean making a commitment, and the specific plan and final approval shall prevail.

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