The fins turn black and ask for help


  I have 5 parrots. I got rotten head disease a few days ago, but these days are just right, but the fins are starting to turn black again. Please help me how to deal with it.

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  Puppet Desert Say: The blackening of the fins is not a disease, it is sanding, it s okay, the disease is completely cured, and it will slowly recover
Yuyou smiled sadly Say: Poor water quality
Yuyou China0010004 Say: LOL
Yuyou China0010004 Say: LOL
Yuyou Tianjin Second Son 1978 Say: Parrotfish are not adapted to the current water quality, you have to adjust the water quality.Is arhat fish good for red worms or good feed?~Which koi feed Shenyang and unity is better$Shenyang feed and unified feed)Shenyang feed and unified feed are better&How about Shenyang Koi feed%Shenyang Koi feed is good(Koi rearing feed formula,Can arhat fish eat parrot feed@The fins turn black and ask for help。


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    Can parrot fish eat arowana feed$