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  It has been more than half a year since I joined the forum.Learn here, grow here.Share joy and learn from experience.At the same time when the goods are full, give back to the novice friends some questions that they think are helpful.I hope it will help you on the road to raise carp.Try to avoid detours and suffer less pain and loss.

  First, keeping koi is not as simple as imagined.Perhaps many friends have raised tropical fish before or raised other small fish as a child.Many people think that they have some professional knowledge in fish farming.Therefore, hastily opened the road to raise carp.As a result, they are not repeated here.Mostly reported by extermination


  end.Koi is a large ornamental fish.And it is highly polluted.Compared with other fish breeding.First of all, we should expand our knowledge reserves.Learn relevant knowledge from the Internet or books.For example, koi species, price, and tasting standards.Growth cycle, requirements for water quality, water temperature, etc.

  Second, the water body.It is not easy to rush into fish.Based on a certain understanding of koi.Think about your water problems.The size of the water body determines the quantity and quality of the fish.The water body is not big enough to raise koi.When I started, I also kept small tanks.Every day I was tired of changing water, tossing my life, and the fish were basically lying on their sides.The water body is too small.The fish cannot swim.Not easy to be greedy.Koi and goldfish are different.Many friends are raised as goldfish.Then your koi carp is basically a lifeline.Although all are cold water fish.Can be thousands of miles apart.Select fish according to the size of the water body.Before choosing fish, you should visit the aquarium market frequently.Enter the fish based on a certain understanding of the fish.It is not easy to enter too much fish once.The most taboo purchase of the whole cylinder at once.In that case, it is likely that the group will be destroyed.Cross infection is easy to happen.

  Third, choose fish.Choosing fish is a happy and troublesome thing.Before choosing a fish, have a clear plan in mind.There must be some understanding of the types and suits selected.The fish selected should be healthy and lively.At the same time, understand the source of fish.In order to disinfect the water after returning home.Dont just focus on the look and feel, and ignore the fish


  Body health.The aquarium boss likes novices, and they give you big and beautiful ones.Observe patience when picking fish.View every detail and swimming style of the body.Dont be afraid of trouble blindly.Do not buy if the body has obvious congestion, or wounds, lesions, or frailty.Some look thin, its better to feed


  Harder.Novices cant handle it at all.Dont be greedy for cheap.I have done this before.Very big fish, pretty fish, very cheap at first sight.My boss is still very conscientious and tells me it is a sick fish.I also dare to challenge, I think I can handle it.The result is handled well.It took almost 2 months


  time.I didnt sleep well during the day.Because there is no temporary maintenance equipment, I am afraid that other fish will be infected.

  Fourth, water disinfection.Disinfect the cylinder with water.It is a long and tedious process.Dont be afraid of trouble.Fear of trouble is to find trouble for yourself.Over water is generally recommended to be more than 2 hours.When the fish comes back, do not open the bag and soak half a point in the tank.Then gradually add water.This process should add a temporary oxygen pump to the bag.Enough fish


  Of oxygen to restore the fishs physical strength during transportation.Observe the state of the fish.According to the state of the fish, the potassium permanganate solution in different proportions is disinfected.The disinfection process is not easy to be too short.Potassium permanganate concentration is not easy to be too high, diluted to a certain extent.Oxygen pump can be pumped inside for 20 minutes.So that the fish can


  Was thoroughly disinfected.Then gradually dilute the potassium permanganate solution in the bag with the tank water.The process should generally last 30-60 minutes.Observe the state of the fish after adding a certain amount of water.Until the end, the water color is basically the same as the color in the tank.Then lift the bag into the tank.With the fish head down, put the fish in.(This process is a combination of learning and practice


  Knot.If there is any discrepancy with your method, only for reference)

  Fifth, water quality.There is no need to be said to be supernatural in the process of raising water.Unpredictable.After 72 hours of sedimentation in the sterilized tank, a small amount of special fish salt can be added.The oxygen pump should always be on during the water feeding process.Put nitrifying bacteria in the bacteria house.Dont always struggle with water, and dont over-pursue clarity.Water is


  The living water is ecologically stable.If the pH is appropriate, the koi will not be faulty.Unclear water quality is often related to your tank.If it is an ordinary glass cylinder, you cant see the super white effect in any way.Furthermore, particularly clear water is prone to stagnant water.Maintaining water quality is a key to raising koi.Thanks


  The carps metabolism is relatively fast.Therefore, it is very necessary to carry out sewage treatment every day.Metabolites are released in water.Filtering and nitrifying bacteria to neutralize is not suitable for most players.After all, it is the level of the Great God that can be mastered and applied.This has to be learned a little bit.Only you really


  Mastered the water quality in the tank.In this way, your fishs health is guaranteed.In the natural ecology, Koi carp produces beautiful fish and good fish are all from the pond.Think about the turbidity of the water body.Although we dont mean to compete with it.Muddy water is normal when there is sufficient feed, sufficient sunlight, and sufficient oxygen.


  Unless you feed less or not.That way, the joy of breeding is lost.

  Sixth, diligent management and perseverance.Fish farming is a pleasant thing.But fish farming is not as simple as watching.Its not as easy as sprinkling a few dog food.Daily management should be done regularly to change water and wash cotton.According to the situation in the tank, a reasonable diet should be combined.At the same time, dont always think your fish is sick.suspect


  Heart disease.It takes time for the fish to adapt to the environment.Changing the water to wash cotton can maintain ecological balance.Filter equipment should be cleaned regularly.Have control over feeding.Feeding time should be fixed.Dont be like snacking.Fish have no stomach, and scientific feeding is beneficial to the absorption of fish.Feed should be purchased from regular manufacturers.


  Dont buy those miscellaneous brands on the roadside.Unhygienic, unhealthy.

  Seventh, sunshine and salt.This problem is also very important in the breeding process.Sunlight affects the color development of Koi.If the sunshine is not enough, you need to turn on the lights.Im not good at this, because my tank is on the balcony.There is plenty of sunshine, so I wont go into details about lighting.Everyone knows that promoting bone growth requires yang


  Light.Another point to mention is salt.Many fish friends are sprinkled with salt.Mainly used for sterilization, indirectly absorbed through the fish body.This method would not be commented.How much can be absorbed is a problem.Too much or too little is hard to say.I used special fish salt.All my fish are eaten directly.Maybe many friends


  The same usage as mine.This method is the most direct and effective.After feeding, give some special salt.Conducive to digestion and absorption of fish body.It is necessary to have a certain amount of salt in the body.Because the metabolism will take away a certain amount of salt.Therefore, it should be supplemented in time.I feel that the fish that eat salt are healthy.At least my fish


  I have never had any illness.

  Eighth, standing medicines.There are really many medicines for fish.Various, it shows that it is a headache to see, and it is really not very effective.Tossing around, many times the disease is not cured.The fish was poisoned.I also have limited reserves of koi disease knowledge.Although I bought a lot of medicines at home, I visited the aquarium market and talked with my boss about the breeding experience. Finally, I lost time and was embarrassed.But in the end I havent used it except yellow powder.Yellow powder is my most commonly used medicine.Many medicines are really uncomfortable.Compound antibiotics have also been used.In order to experiment with medicine, a small goldfish experiment was also made.Only 2 survivors remained.So far, he has been treated and nurtured very healthy and happy.Nothing toss about sterilization and insecticide.There will be more sewage and washing cotton.Dont let the water pile up.Scientific and meticulous feeding is the most effective way to reduce fish diseases.Laziness is the culprit in killing love fish.Pay attention to the amount of drugs used, and dont be anxious, and treat slowly.Once the medication is too large, it may be directly destroyed.Be sure to change water every day during medication.This issue has been repeatedly emphasized.But many people think that since the medicine is changed and the water is not diluted, is it eliminated?After changing the water for 24 hours, it is because after the medicine is absorbed by the fish, the harmful substances should be eliminated through the metabolism.At this time, not all of the water is medicine but also many metabolites and harmful substances.Diluted in time to change the water to maintain good water quality before re-medication.Such a cycle can finally be cured.If you dont change the water, think about the harmful substances being absorbed again.Whats the use of medicine?

  Ninth, have the ability to evaluate and watch.Novices often chase beautiful fish and high-priced fish.Little think about whether the fish is suitable for yourself.If you have no breeding experience, there is no related technology.It is recommended that you start from the most basic small fish.Buy a few dollars for a few dollars.Go home to raise a stage.Then, according to your conditions and feeding ability, it is better.The high-end fish is only suitable for local tyrants and great gods.We can afford hundreds of thousands, but the key is poor feeding.One months salary to buy a fish.It is easy to have family problems.When raising fish, you must also ask for your familys approval.Otherwise, your fish will not stop.Dont always want to buy imported fish.There are relatively few conscientious owners, and many times we are fooled into unnecessary.The fish was bought and looked good.Dont color the feed, the color is a bleak one.Also pay attention to the collocation of fish.Some breeds are not suitable for keeping together.Some species must be doped with Seyang type feed during the feeding process, and some cannot be fed.Therefore, a certain degree of understanding of fish is required.Dont pursue the value of fish.Those who pursue value are practitioners.We are lovers.The difference in nature also determines the pursuit of breeding.We are used to delight the body and mind.People are pursuing economic interests.The gap between the two is far.Choose the fish that suits you.

  He said a lot.Because as soon as I entered the forum, I saw this one asking for help.I hope my friends will be happy to raise fish.


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