Ibaka fish What to do if the pH value keeps going


  The tank has been watered for one month. During the period, I change the water every third day. I used black water and salt, and the pH has been 8.2 cant go, just change the water 8.0, one night later 8.About 3, what should I do,

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Yuyouxiangxiangxiangxiang Say: Lets raise three lakes
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Yuyou bg6ixm Say: Its all within the tolerance range of the fish, no need to adjust it deliberately.
You can measure the tap water that has been trapped, which is the main reason for the high ph value.
Fish Friends xujinxuan1 Say: What filter material is coral sand?
Yuyou Xiaoming 001009 Say: The filter material is no.1
Yuyou Xiaoming 001009 Say: Sleepy tap water is 8.0, put it in for a while 8.3 now
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