I accidentally saw it when I was buying fish, and the boss did nt know what to call.Ask you what fish this is Arowana Farm ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheetAsk you what fish this is Arowana Farm ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The2sheetAsk you what fish this is Arowana Farm ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The3sheet

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  kmzhq Say: Red Frog English: Scooter Blenny Scientific name: Synchiropus ocellatus Minimum aquarium size: 150 liters Rearing difficulty: difficult[tr][/ tr]
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Feeding requirements: salinity 1.020-1.025; pH 8.1-8.4[tr][/ tr]
Temperament: Moderate aquarium Maximum adult size: 10 cm Reef tank Compatibility: Safe food requirements: Main meat production area: Indian Ocean Species: Rat-brown fish with brown and white body with red spots.Male fish usually have brighter colors and larger dorsal fins.

Raising in aquariums above 150 liters requires large amounts of live rock to hide and eat.The bottom sand is preferably live sand, mixed with mild fish.It is possible to put several more in one tank, but they must be put into the tank at the same time.The male to female ratio is 2-3 to 1.When it is more than 200 liters, you can put one more male, according to the proportion of the cylinder.

It is not easy to find its favorite food, red frog can find food by filtering live sand.The animal food and sea shrimp are very finely chopped and can be used as an alternative food.
Yuyou Big Tail 002 Say: As if wearing a mask
Yuyou Mugu Morning Clock Say: strange
Fish Friends AAAA-KeRs Say: good looking
Yuyu Muzixing Say: 鮟 鱇, is that the name?
Yuyou Girl, Er Erjian Say:
It should not be, like a frog. Muzixing
鮟 鱇, is that the name?
Yuyou Jianhui Say:
I looked like a frog, try to use the frog feeding method.Put algae tanks to eat bugs. Female job
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