15 Female wounded...clueless male. Need

Both rays are 15";。 My female ray is badly bitten even on the top and her tail。。。
Male ray seems to have not figured how to mate or is he being territorial?
Should I let go this pair? Im not sure how long my female can last at this rate。。
Bro,stingray phone tracker for sale divider first then find her a better husband
>Beautiful rays you have bro。。。 Makes me want to get myself a BD too
>Seperate with divider first ba。 Dont wait till female too stressed and stop eating then even more headache。 Can always try again at a later date after female is fully recovered。
>Breeding rays i feel are not so straight forward as it seems。。。perhaps they may need a little longer to be sexually matured。。。esp if they pure breed
>Super nice rays。
>Thanks bros for the advise! I have separated the pair。。。
>Hi bro
U have beautiful ray
>Likes! (1)

15 Female wounded...clueless male. Need Aquaculture Forum15 Female wounded。。。clueless male。 Need advise。

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