Blood Red Arowana Feed a crucian carp today


I havent been fed for two days after work. Today I am feeding a big crucian carp, which is broken into small pieces. Each piece of fish is used to control the diet.
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Whos next door Comments: The yellow-headed turtle is not added to the drying table, do I need to add it
AaronL9S9 Comment: What is the name of the fish you keep?It looks very happy
Suifeng_ Comment: All foodies
Go by, pass by Comment: The food cost is terribleThe production process of fish toilet)Method for making fish toilet/Material for making fish toilet~Fish toilet filter manufacturing method:Video tutorial for fish tank and toilet"Principle of making fish toilet,Fish tank diy fish toilet.Illustration of the principle of homemade fish toilet%blood red arowana Feed a crucian carp today!


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