Shanghai Ocean Aquarium released the mascot Didi Hailong Haima Special Exhibition calls for ecologic



  "Didi" is a lively and cheerful male little seahorse, he is wise and brave, warm and kind.In the days to come, it will accompany friends, large and small, to explore the wonderful marine world and learn all kinds of knowledge about marine life. reporter Cao Lei reported on September 24: Tonight, with the release of the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium mascot "Hai Ma Di Di", the Hailong and Hai Ma special exhibition, which lasted more than a month, also officially opened.

  It is understood that China is one of the most abundant horse species in Shanghai, with about 14 species.The origin of the hippocampus can be traced back to the waters of Southeast Asia to northern Australia more than 30 million years ago.There are many kinds of hippocampus. There are about 42 kinds of hippocampus recognized in the world.In 2002, the species of Hippocampus was included in the Convention on International Trade in endangered Species of Animals and Plants. As a member of the Convention, China also issued a decree in 2005. In the newly revised "National Aquatic Wild Animal List", it has alreadyAll species of the genus Hippocampus are included in the national second-level protected animals.

  Although the hippocampus has long been protected by law, the population of Chinas hippocampus has fallen by 75% to 90% in the past decade. If it is not protected, it may disappear from the earth in another 10 years.Through this sea dragon and sea horse exhibition, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium hopes to appeal to the whole society to work together to protect the living creatures in the water and protect the marine environment.


  The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium Sea Dragon and Sea Horse Special Exhibition will mainly display four special forms of sea dragons and sea horses, including seaweeds, fine kiss sea dragons, grass sea dragons and bulging sea horses, as well as horizontal garden eels and garden eels.Two senior neighbors of sea horses and sea dragons.Visitors can intuitively feel the living environment and behavior status of sea dragons and seahorses through carefully arranged pseudo-environmental landscapes. They will also learn about the unique biological characteristics of sea dragons and seahorses through rich scientific knowledge.The survival crisis.Can tropical fish and koi be polycultured"Koi can be polycultured with guppiesKoi and what tropical fish polyculture@Koi and which tropical fish are polycultured~How can tropical fish not die:Grass goldfish and small tropical fish polyculture%Can koi be mixed with parrot fish?%Can Koi be mixed with tropical fish?#


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