I saw cichlids in Jiaxing today, and the price is quite cheap. But found that the forum said that the small tank is not suitable for raising. What varieties are in the picture?Is there a small fish suitable for 30 square tanks?
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Big meow 423 My tank is smaller than 30, I have several batches of sea bream, and I always leave 1
Dedication to raise fish Comments: the fish in the picture is very cruel
Genius born I must use it, the pictures are killers
澪开兘 Comment: Do not raise in ten rooms
澪开兘 Comment: raise up to three
Jinyu comment: Its a bit small.In the picture are prince, phoenix and ten, ten can grow very largeThe harm of red feed to fish"Which kind of coloring feed is fed by blood parrot/How to paint colorful parrot fish feed^Parrotfish feeds goldfish.Where is Bao Zenghong feed produced~The role of Bao Zenghong feed!Brightening feed for Xindingding red blood parrot&Can parrotfish feed sinking feed(Parrot fish feed production?Does the parrotfish feed increase its effectiveness?:Is there really no way to raise cichlids in a 30cm square tank?!


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