This white spot is drippingThis white spot is dripping Arowana FarmCall for help

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  Upload avatar Say: Should not be white spot
Yuyou Big Tail 002 Say: Is there a problem with water
Yuyou Fei Tong Xiaoke Say: Just squeeze out the white
Guan Yu Say: Nothing
Yuyou lazy man Say: Not like white dots
Ai Yuyu Say: White spot disease, the oldest is waiting first .
Ai Yuyu Say: White spots of water mold can be cured by heating and changing the water in time, about a week .
Ai Yuyu Say: Stop eating and maintain water quality
Yuyou Xiaolei Say: The same is true of mine, learningHerring Red Dragon Fish"Red Arowana Eye Drop Picture?Red Arowana obliquely swims after hitting the cylinder$Red Dragon Fish Story@2015 Red Arowana Price.Longxiang Red Dragon Fish$Red light tube with red dragon fish!Red Arowana AppreciationCan red arowana be raised on white~


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