Slicefish Small size back filter cylinder koi


  Slicefish Small size back filter cylinder koi
Slicefish Small size back filter cylinder koi Arowana Farm
Although the size is small, due to the back filter, the space for fish farming is still good!Luozhuang District, Linyi City, Shandong Province
======== Xianglong aquarium joined Yuyou said =====
sky19791111 said: What size is it?
Fantasy Star said: This tank is goodWhat size teeth?
Fantasy Star said: Is your tank double bottomed?
Dream Star said: Thank you for sharing and appreciation!!!
The Little fish who cant swim said: How long and wide?How much do you make?
Autumn Wind Shao001 said: You are back filtering and plant waterway
Qiufeng Shao001 said: buddy, what size is your fish tank, how much is it?
Qiufeng Shao001 said: Thank you for sharing!!!
AFFRICK said: Visual inspection around 60, right?
Glyco de white coffee said: What size is it?


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