tropical fish The gods help the scavenger to die


  tropical fish The gods help the scavenger to dietropical fish The gods help the scavenger to die Arowana Farm

  When the scavenger put it in the tank, some parts of his body turned white, and he died in two days. Most of his body became white, and the great god gave instructions.========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  toconry Yuyou said: Scavengers are afraid of salt!Did you put salt in the water
Insect Brother Yuyu said: beaten.
Witch Witch Pig Yu Yu said: hungry 4
VincentGor Yuyou said: I bought the Queen Scavenger, which is more durable and beautiful than the little Scavenger.
Apollo 654321 Yuyou said: Like my previous scavengers, I didnt raise them for long. I died seven or eight times before and after.
The three provinces of Shenyang Yuyou said: Mine too.Half a yearCan the ingot Phoenix young fish feed"tropical fish gold ingot fish pictures~7 cm tiger fish and 40 cm arowana polyculture?Tiger fish polyculture&Golden River Tiger Fish Polyculture%Tiger and Arowana polyculture videos(What ingot Phoenix fish like to eatWhat Ingot Phoenix Eats:What to eat saury$What kind of fish can tiger fish be mixed with*


can anyone tell me how to define arowana

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