Why is the price of silver arowana very different from that of other species?


  Among the arowana species, the price of silver arowana is the lowest compared to the prices of other species of arowana. Whether it is gold arowana or red arowana, the price is much higher than the price of arowana. Why?The editor of Jingcheng Arowana Breeding Museum will explain the reason for you.Why is the price of silver arowana very different from that of other species? Arowana Farm First, the ornamental value of silver arowana is lower than other arowana.Silver arowana is at a disadvantage relative to other arowanas in terms of appearance, body shape, swimming posture, and color of arowana.Therefore, the appearance of silver arowana greatly affects the price of silver arowana. Secondly, the silver arowana market is not as scarce as other arowana species.Compared with other arowanas, the breeding of silver arowana is relatively simple. How long does the pepper red dragon hair color originated in the Americas? The water quality requirements are not very high, and the reproduction is relatively simple, which can meet the market demand.Therefore, the price of silver arowana will naturally not be high, and the market supply and demand will be balanced. This article is from Jingcheng Fengshui Arowana Culture Hall, please indicate the source when reprinting.
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