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======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
ren001002006 Comment: Body size is OK
yangyangge Comment: Good fish, keep following
a277469421 Comment: Change water twice a week? ?Good appetite, only feed shrimp, no trouble
The Life of chocolate Comment: Not bad
zhj2711 Comment: Yes, there is potential
Longer Obedient Comment: This dragon has a future.
Young Dragon 9527 Comment: Body size is OK, keep it well
Three baby qq comment: Change water twice a week, good appetite, only feed shrimp, no trouble
Pudong Huajie Comment: How much does it cost?How old is it when you buy it?Pressed into
W小迷迷仙 Comment: YesThe best feed for home-fed fish&Can turtle feed feed fish.Gold dragon fish Card$Love and Producer Gold Arowana Card#Can bait be used as feed for fish?/Feed fish feed%What feed is used for fish pond(What does love and producer golden dragon fish mean?%Can I feed fish feed at night*Love and Producer Arowana$


Recent update of my armatus

My baby Hydrolycus

construction company in batu pahatBehavo

Filtration for shallow water

Big Head Flowerhorn ......


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