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  I always post pictures, and I will come to a text today. A piece of text I saw on the Internet should be very helpful for novices. The writing is relatively simple, but it feels very practical.
1. The edible salt sold in the supermarket is absolutely not allowed to be placed in the aquarium in the past. If you want to use large grains of salt, the large grain salt water equipment store will sell it. 0.5 to 1 yuan per bag.
2. Water is only enough for two days. It is absolutely not enough for a tank with a large volume. The chlorine in the water is not completely volatile after two days.
3. No matter whether it is a fish that breaks into a tank or a fish that you like in the future, you cant feed on the first day. Let them adjust to a period of time before they can be fed, at least one day.
4. Dont unpack the new fish when you buy it back, put the bag directly in the aquarium, the purpose is to make the water temperature in the aquarium consistent with the water temperature in the bag, generally 15~30 minutes (general fish merchants will hit the bagOxygen, do not worry about the problem of fish hypoxia), then open the bag mouth, pour the water in the aquarium into the bag, the amount poured is about one quarter of the original bag water, the purpose is to adapt the fish to the aquariumThe PH value, softness and other conditions, pour the same amount of water again at an interval of about 10 minutes. When the water in the aquarium is about 1:1 with the water in the original bag, you can put the fish. ThisThere is a very crucial point, that is, dont pour the water in the bag into the aquarium, because the water quality of the place where the fish is purchased cannot be guaranteed (because the fish merchant changes the frequency of the fish very quickly, no one can guarantee his waterNo, once the harmful bacteria or infectious diseases are brought in, it will be tragic), fish out separately, and then put them into the aquarium.
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Good materials for beginners
Its true that I won the prize.
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Shouldnt it be Sanhucang?
Can also draw on it I think
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The writing is pretty good.
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Good things need to top
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Very good elementary learning materials.
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michaellam Comment: Its not Sanhu Cylinder.
pzt008 Comment: Good material for beginners
xiaoxi2005 Comment: Very well written.
pppabc good things need to top
Snail comment: Very good elementary learning materials.

  pppabc good things need to top
Snail comment: Very good elementary learning materials.How to solve stingrays biting each other,Why stingray is called devil fish*Two stingrays fighting.Is it appropriate for this stingray to have one"Stingray can"t be kept alone?How many tanks are needed to raise stingrays~How much oxytetracycline to treat stingray enteritis#Stingrays fly in full tank when they die@


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