Help analyze the little golden dragon


Help analyze the little golden dragon Arowana Farm
Does the master help to see if this over-the-back little golden dragon is worth 1500 yuan?Rate[aini]
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A Nanxin Tiger Aquarium Yuyou said: There is a problem with the tail
A Nanxin Tiger aquarium Yuyou said: 1500 is too expensive
Jinshi Annian Yuyou said: Come to master to teach it.Dont understandCan the ingot fish be kept with the parrot fish$What kind of fish is best for parrots/Parrotfish and scavenger polyculture.Tips for raising parrot fish^The difference between ingot wealth and parrot fish#Can parrot fish be polycultured with angelfish,Can map fish and parrot fish be raised together?)Arowana and parrot fish polyculture video%What is the difference between a parrot fish and a fortune fish$Help analyze the little golden dragon。


Anyone tried removing chipped scales?ntt

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