Everyone knows that the biggest headache for fish friends in Indonesia is digging coal. I have three ways to make Indonesia instantly clear. One is to fish out the fish and put it in the fish tank repeatedly. The second is that the big white paper sways in front of the fish tank, The third is to fish out and sway in a bag, but in a moment hey .
Murong my fish farming tips Arowana Farm

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  Big tail 002 Say: awesome
Yuyouhejunyao Say: Treating the symptoms without curing the symptoms
Yuyou Fox is rigorous Say: Dare not try
Fish of Bermuda Say: learned
Yuyou18613515088 Say: Haha, take a picture when you are dizzy
Yuyouli15716888827 Say: What are you going to do next year?
Yuyouli15716888827 Say: Just let it go
Yuyou zp850621 Say: A little biggerWhat kind of fish is the star fish^How big are the three arowanas/Tips for arowana polyculture*Can dragon fish be mixed with crocodiles$Would you like to raise 2 fish?"Are Barcia and Arowana mixed?%Arowana mixed breeding.Arowana and bottom fish are best mixed%Arowana tail was bitten by another fish&


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Kopi @ C328 anybody wanna join?

Taiwan Reveals New Breed of Ornamental


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    Can Red Dragon feed Qianhu feed??

  • 2022-04-30 04:25:47

    How long can arowana digest small fish^

  • 2022-04-30 04:25:53

    Ark Raptor Egg Feed Formula^