Feedback of Trial BELOS Smart Heater Trial Report


  Feedback of Trial BELOS Smart Heater Trial Report
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First of all, thank you Jinbao for this trial opportunity!As a loyal fan of Longding Fish Neighborhood, fish farming for many years can be regarded as a true fish friend who knows a little about fish farming.Moved a new home this year and customized 1.35 meters long, 0.65 meters wide fish tank.~ I applied for a trial of Jinbao BELOS smart heater model 1000 watts! After the goods arrived home, I deliberately tried it for two days before I came back to the truth!!!One ~ Appearance ~ Exquisite packaging, as the current mainstream PTC heating rod, this one looks different, the biggest highlight is the four suction cups!Completely solved the problem of unstable fixation caused by the two suction cups that are common to other heating rods!Novel appearance, wing-shaped design, good heat dissipation, improve heating constant temperature performance!Two ~ performance ~ line length of two meters, better to meet the use of fish tank, plug three holes to ensure safe electricity.Double PTC heating, better long-lasting insulation!Test my fish tank with 1000 watts, good insulation effect, low heating frequency!Save power!The temperature display is accurate, and there is no gap with the thermometer!Three~Recommendation~ The color of the heater is white. It is recommended to increase the color, such as black, red, or other color matching with the background of the fish tank, which will enhance the force!


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