The little red dragon of the Ssangyong Cylinder gradually develops its color gradually


The little red dragon of the Ssangyong Cylinder gradually develops its color gradually Arowana Farm

  [Dragon tank]180/72/60 water level.It has been several months since the classical over-back and small red dragons were polycultured, and the separators have been kept in isolation for more than half a year.Due to the large size difference of Ssangyong, according to previous experience, the size is not suitable for polyculture, and the small partition space is pressure culture for Chinese fish.Therefore, the decision to polyculture also paid a price.As in the previous Ssangyong mixed breeding, Ssangyong turned around and looked at each other from the beginning, and then drove, bite, and strive for dominance.After the king came to life, the other party could only obey, the red dragon was scalded all over the body, and the seven fins and scales had no complete skin.After 2 months, the mutual familiarity gradually improved.Polyculture requires courage and cruelty, close observation, bite degree, wound healing, etc. There are certain risks. Of course, each dragon has a different temper.It also makes sense to enter the tank first.The success of polyculture is fun and cherish.Change the water on the weekend and look at the little red dragons lips and body color.========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  The past is not as good as the smoke

Qian Shi Jinsheng xE90 Yuyou said: How can a pure white tank bottom
Friends Yuyu said: Like
juju001 Yuyou said: Scavenger grabs a mirror
The Hainanese who raised the red dragon Yuyu said: Harmony, my polyculture will not work.Dragon is too rash
Weiwei06688 Yuyou said: great
Xiaoyaoyouyou said:
Lehe Culture Yuyou said: Double mixing is the hardest, come onLooking forward to the follow-up look
Smiled sadly Yuyou said: Yes
~Heart is like water, Yuyou said: Haha, have kung fuIngot fish raw small fish"How long can the dragon fish fight)Will the dragon fish bite the ingot phoenix#Red Arowana"s tail is rotten%Arowana tail recovery diagram$Arowana"s tail is long and crooked(Can the dragon fish tail be recovered after being bitten?&Arowana got bitten by fighting$Arowana tail bitten off by fish%Ingot phoenix fish Eating Shrimp@The little red dragon of the Ssangyong Cylinder gradually develops its color gradually!


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