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  Dear friends, I would like to ask.A few days ago, the African prince buckled his eggs, and there were more than 20 yolks in his head and tail. Later, he found that 80% of the yolks were covered with blood.Is there a problem with the operation or what is going on?

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  cngogjivw Say: 1 Never encountered, help top
Fish of Bermuda Say: 2 Dont understand
Yuyou Tianwu God Division Say: 1 It should be a bacterial infection
Yang You Say: 1
Okay, is there any bacteria in the water, do you need medicine? Sky Dance Division
It should be a bacterial infection
Yuyou Tianwu God Division Say: 1 Bacteria are everywhere, maintain good water quality, and then I do nt know what equipment you use during operation
De fish Say: 1 Bloodshot is normal ~ it has nothing to do with this
Yuyu Yilu accompanies Say: 1 How good is it to spit a small fish in the next half month .
Fish friends are good Say: 1 Isolate the mother fish with eggs next time
Fish Friends Li Huweixin Say: The yolks of my six small fry are also bloodshot, and they are still swimming outWhat are the taboos of raising goldfish$Internationally for frozen fish or frozen shrimp&Fish eating frozen shrimp%The fish ate frozen shrimp and died*How to raise the best state of Arowana%fish feed frozen shrimp,Can frozen fish and shrimp be eaten.Arowana feeding in all stages!Raise a golden dragon alone#How to deal with frozen fish and shrimp in the kitchen)


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