Longding Three Lakes Cichlids Recruitment



Longding Three Lakes Cichlids Recruitment

Dragon PeakThree Lake CichlidsThe recruitment campaign was officially launched,welcomechallengeModerator of "Longding Sanhu Cichlids" Forum!
We need moderators to have enoughpatientwithenthusiasticInstead of impulsiveness ~ We hope youSincerely loveThree Lake Cichlids, Love"Dragon PeakThree Lake Cichlids"Forum, ~ we willAssessmentDoes each intern moderators enthusiasm for the layout, do you love this layout?If you are too lazy to cope with the most basic posting and replying, then the post of moderator may not be suitable for you ~
"Dragon Peak
Three Lake Cichlids"The forum is a collective, we are verysincereWelcomeLike-mindedYou join, and friends who are willing to take this version of prosperity as their own responsibility and devote their spare time and energy to this version!

If you are rightThree Lake CichlidsHave a soft spot, Full of lifePassion and motivation, Willing to enrich their knowledge of fish farming and fun of fish farming, and willing to serve the majority of fish farmers, hurry to apply,The specific requirements and participation methods are as follows:

Basic requirements for moderator application: (Temporarily not accepting fish merchants)

1. Love the forum, like the forum life, have more time to surf the Internet, and are willing to serve the majority of fish friends.
2. Integrity, integrity of words and deeds, civilized language, eager to help members solve problems and share various essences;
3. Have an objective critical spirit, positive emotions and a tolerant attitude, be able to deal with problems fairly, have a strong sense of responsibility, and be able to independently solve the technical problems of some fish friends on the application page
4. Possess a certain management ability and organization coordination ability, and have the ability to gather the popularity of the application page.
5. Register for more than three months, and post more than 100 (except malicious irrigation), in order to fully understand the official etiquette and integrate into the atmosphere;
6. At least one original essence post has been sent(This article can be absent if you feel you have
The strength is quite enough to be a moderator, and can also be qualified as a moderator through the methods recommended by super moderators and administrators).
7. Identify various official systems.
8. Willing to accept the official one-month trial period, regardless of whether it is officially appointed;
9. Ensure that there is at least 1 hour of online management time per day on average

Specific requirements:

1. Be able to pay close attention to the posts you are responsible for, and answer questions or give reasonable suggestions to help posts and question posts.
2. Actively participate in the management of your own section and use your management authority carefully.
3. Actively participate in discussions on the construction and activities of the forum, and give your suggestions seriously.
4. Fairness and justice, tolerance and generosity, exemplary compliance with the management rules of various forums, unity, care for the moderator image, the moderator height, dealing with the coordination of interpersonal and dispute issues fair and calm, accepting the supervision of the management team and all registered usersAll should be put in the first place with the image of a team or a forum. If there are problems that cannot be solved by individuals or inconvenience, they should be notified to the administrator in time to maintain the equivalence of diplomacy in public.
5. Moderators must understand and respect each other. Disputes and disputes between moderators should be handled in accordance with the principle of internal conflicts and internal resolution. You can post to the moderator exchange area, or direct SMS administrators, prohibiting expansion of publicity andinfluences.

Moderator removal: found the following content to be removed

1. Leaving the moderators private section discussion contents without the administrators consent, or lending the ID to others for use, causing adverse effects.
2. Do not handle the page affairs at will according to the general rules of the forum, abuse of authority, low reputation or excessive public outrage.
3. Disobey the forum management, take the lead to provoke incidents, and make major events that damage the reputation of the community.

Note: All who want to apply will go to the community station version to accept everyones assessment.

Moderator application process:

1. In the "Community Station" version (The content of this article may have been invalidated by Xianglong Aquatic Alliance) Post a moderator application post.

2. The internship mode of the internship moderator is 1 month.After 1 month, the intern moderator submits the application for reorganization in the "Management Team Special Edition" (requires management experience or planning), which will be jointly reviewed by the forum administrator, super moderator and the official moderator of the application section.The specific method is to submit your specific opinions (not simply support or object) to the post in the regular application post.

3. The application for reorganization requires the permission of the administrator and super moderator to be reorganized.

Forum Management Title:

Community Moderator: Moderator
Main function: Comprehensive management of the entire section.

Application post format:
Please copy the following content to fill in carefully, post in"The content of this article may have been invalidated by Xianglong Aquatic Alliance"Forum.

  • Applicant ID:
  • Registration duration: (months)
  • Application section name and position:
  • Contact QQ:
  • Expertise or advantages of managing this forum:
  • Average online time (hours / day):
  • Reason for application:
  • Do you think the current status of this section needs to be improved and your management ideas:

Finally, everyone is welcome to join "Longding Sanhu Cichlids"Community familyAnd become a member of us.
"Dragon PeakThree Lake Cichlids"Community moderator recruitment welcomes you.

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Fish Friends Fair Say: Whats good
Yuyou╯Love Porridge ° Say: Good thing, support
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