Urgent. Aro behaving weirdly

Urgent。 Aro behaving weirdlyUrgent。 Aro behaving weirdlyI have no idea what is happening to my aro。 Im having my pearl aro for 9 years and recently change my cc as like no effect。 Did a water change etc ph all normal。 Check ammonia nitrate nitrite etc。 All normal。
So this is the problem。 Randomly my aro will bang against the wall。 Then he will turn 45 degrees go down and up the tank rushing 1 point to another。 Appetite is still excellent。
Once i go to him and talk then he settle down。 He also like will do dragon dance。
Pls help as he keeps banging here and there making the water go all over。 Like very violent now
Did wc and change cc on last Friday。 Sunday tgen he start acting like this
Eveything is in the video
If water parameter reading all ok。。。appetite all ok my advise stop doing anything。
To stop arowana from stress off the light for couple of days n monitor。
Aro is alone in d tank too。
My feel that water high in clorine
>i think if i spend 9 years alone in the room,butterfly koi i also will go crazy。
tried to comm the fish?
>Tried to comm so many times la。 This aro kills eveything。 Aggressive fellow
>Originally Posted by jasdev Tried to comm so many times la。 This aro kills eveything。 Aggressive fellow just wondering if covering up the tank will help。。。。
>looks like he is also scratching himself with its pectoral fin。。 Any external parasite u can see on his body?
>Well maybe somewhere in the middle of his body, there is a black dot。 Is it a parasite!

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