Straight-grained Flying anchovy The Great God of Three Lakes


  I want to add a few 3cm Miaozi Tiger, Xiaobu and Blue Jasmine which god told me to dare to enter.Or just dare to enter anything inside, now the fish inside is about 7 cm.Straight-grained Flying anchovy The Great God of Three Lakes Arowana Farm

  = (Comments on alliance Sianlon Arowana Aquatic friends) =

  Sonicpt001 Say: It is recommended to open a new cylinder ~

The tigers sensitivity grows slowly, and even if I can live, I am unhappy ~ how many tanks in the fish shop are rarely mixed ~
The habit that fish friends cant change Say: There are miserable sea bream in it. It s strange that you have to kill the tiger. Do nt waste that money.
Yuyou cngogjivw Say: Sit and watch
Yuyou silently wei002 Say: 1 Remove the rock bream, or open a tank
Yuyou lazy man Say: Open the tank again or hang an isolation box, but the tiger grows too slowly, and it will be together after a long time ~
Fish friends are good Say: If you want to buy it, buy a tiger that is more than 5 centimeters. It s too small to live in.nature形容词pricesTiger fish can be raised with colorful fish?Is silver plate fish good to raise$Thick wire silver plate bites arowana@Can tiger fish and Lucky be polycultured?/Can swallow and tiger fish be polycultured.Indonesian Tiger fish and Shicon fish polyculture:Can red tiger fish be mixed with dragon fish?~Tiger fish can be polycultured with Brazil,Straight-grained Flying anchovy The Great God of Three Lakes。


Earthquake (7.7) in BC .....

Sting ray on freshwater aquarium supplie

Well, well do you think he deserve it ??

My XB Comm (from White to Black Tank)