Newly Acquired Angel Fish

Bought a few of them from JZX on Sun。 Like their dark stripes。
what is this kind of Angel fish called? Any Bro can help ID the breed?
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Wild zebra angel Good catch bro
>Originally Posted by ArmatusLover Wild zebra angel Good catch bro Thanks for the info,fish farm kent I really like the contrast of the black stripe colour against the body
>Got more stocks from a fish shop at Jurong for a very good price。
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>nice bro。。。swee。。。。
>Originally Posted by rannie68 nice bro。。。swee。。。。 Thank you Bro rainnie
>Nice catch
>Originally Posted by crazy4aro Nice catch Thanks for much。
>nice angels u have there。。。cheers
>Originally Posted by aia414 nice angels u have there。。。cheers Thanks for the comments。
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    Newly Acquired Angel Fish
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    An even number can only mean two arowanas. ?

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